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    that's it!

We have named ourselves after the truth,

to create "true design" for our customers.

vero design – the graphics agency that has been around for almost 30 years. We have made a name in the world of visual communication. Our portfolio includes a wide range of services such as print and online media, corporate identity, logo design and video technology.

Through continuous innovation and creativity, we have implemented numerous successful projects. Here you can see some of our work ⇒. We know how to adapt to the constantly changing technologies and trends while maintaining our core competencies.

Our clients appreciate our agency's professional approach and high level of quality. We work closely with our clients to understand their requirements and goals and develop customized solutions. Customer's perception is our reality.

We help to make the values of your company - your product visible.


A few pen strokes are often enough to bring an idea to life. With a loose stroke in skillful implementation.


Showing images with a sense of zeitgeist without being fashionable. Discover the digital photo and video world with us.


Unique and expressive, providing orientation. Unusual ideas for websites, films, brochures, folders, flyers ...


Merging print and digital into one. Complete appearances from a single source, for a clear image.

Brief insights of 28 years of agency life

Corporate Design

Implemented not imposed
Names, logos, signets, symbols . . . for companies, products, brands . . . Organizations.

Corporate identity

Customized solutions for products, companies ... giving shape to ideas and packaging them seductively.

Print products

extraordinary ideas for brochures, catalogs, folders, flyers ... always in line with cost/benefit factor.

Online media

Use a variety of channels to stage companies, brands or products at the highest level.


Making visible at a glance what is behind companies, products ... good photos are inspiring.

Inside representation

Open up all areas of presentation. Custom 3d branding ... displays, digital templates, room design ...

Outside presentation

Decoration, displays, flags, folding walls, posters, gobo . . . for trade fairs, events ... make visible, tangible and noticeable.

Video & Animation

Successful marketing ... a picture is worth a thousand words ... moving images open up another dimension.